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The energy market is increasingly volatile and it is critical to carry out energy tendering at the right time in order to get the best deal.

Our energy advisors can provide high quality procurement service to deliver best value contracts to your business. By being exposed to a wider range of contract products and tendering at the best time our clients get greater control over energy purchasing.

In order to ensure we source the best business energy prices available, we explore all methods of procurement tailored to your specific requirements.


  • If you're a multi-sited client, ideally, we will bring all your contract ends to eventually align, as we bring them on board one at a time
  • This in turn will give us a stronger position the second year we negotiate your contracts, as we'll have the totalled usage to use as a weapon to bring prices down, and get a lower tailor-made quote
  • Once all meters are with one supplier we'll arrange central billing which will definitely save on administration time and costs
  • We deal with gas  and electricity suppliers on a daily basis and are therefore already in strong negotiating positions.
  • We provide guidance on the ideal time to issue tenders or secure contracts.
  • We will recommend ideal contract durations.
  • We will submit your tenders to the energy market
  • Confirm suitability of supplier terms and conditions.
  • Manage and monitor the set up of new energy contracts.