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 A client recently came to us hoping for some financial loan advice.   They were struggling to find any interest rates that were affordable and seemed like common sense borrowing.  Everything offered seemed to be sky-high on interest rates.   There were also frightening arrangement fees., one ''helper/advisor'' wanted £2,300 arrangement fee.

We've sourced an amazing Team of Financial Experts {all of whom are from Banking backgrounds,}  who are trying to address these sort of issues, so that they can offer low interest rates to both small and large businesses, without them charging any arrangement fee.  Also, on all unsecured loans there are  no early repayment charges. 

The Financial Team we’re recommending to you, as our valued clients, are called 'THINK'.  

'THINK' have helped 1,000's of businesses like yours to find the funding solutions they require to help grow their business. All completely free, and with no obligation.  We assure you they won't chase you, they'll give you sound advice and help you.   According to your business situation, they will set out everything clearly for you, so that you will have total clarity on what they do for you as Financial Advisors before you sign up to anything.  

Let 'THINK' do all the THINKING for you 

  • >   'THINK' work closely with UK's leading providers of Unsecured Business loans
  • >   Their aim is to find you the best possible solution to your requirements
  • >   They cover the whole market; from government approved innovative funders, to the high street banks and lenders
  • >   This ensures your business will get the best rates, terms and packages EVERY TIME

'THINK' not only CUT OUT THE COSTS AND COMPLEXITY OF DEALING WITH BANKS, but will also find you an affordable loan for your business, at extremely competitive rates, normally, in just one week


  • >   Unsecured loans up to £250,000
  • >   Extremely competitive interest rates {average of 5 - 8%}
  • >   Decisions in 2 working days
  • >   Term from 6 months to 5 years
  • >   No early repayment fees
  • >   No hoops to jump through

Their free help is an efficient and effective way to raise finance for ANY PURPOSE

It could be for:- 

  • >   Working Capital 
  • >   Tax bills
  • >   Property Expansion
  • >   A New Boiler System or Solar Panels
  • >   Asset/Machine or vehicle purpose
  • >   Seasonal Stock
  • >   Or any other business purpose

'Think' have a straightforward application process and you'll be kept up to speed by the team at every step of the way

However, all businesses must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a business loan:-

  •  >   Minimum of £50,000 of turnover PA/or minimum £4,000 on card transactions per month
  •  >   Directors must have a clean credit history
  •  >   No unsatisfied CCJ's or pervious failed businesses
  •  >   Must be UK owned.

    'Think' can also help with any SECURED loan enquiries; they can help you find funding for:-

    >  Property Purchase / Commercial Mortgages
  • >  Asset PurchaseI want to learn more button
  • >  Loans from £75,000 up to any value
  • >  Interest rates from 4%


If this is something you feel would benefit your business, or you'd like to understand more, please submit by clicking on the  FIND OUT MORE  connection and one of 'THINK’S' funding experts will call you to discuss your requirements and take you through the next steps.    If you’re not quite sure if you fit the above criteria please feel free to make your enquiry and we’ll always advise you accordingly.





CS Ltd were looking to expand their business with the purchase of an additional commercial unit.   We were successful in arranging 100% finance via a High Street bank for the purchase of a commercial unit for £120,000.   In addition the client required some additional working capital to fund a dramatic increase in sales.   We presented the case to a funder who subsequently agreed a loan of £60,000. This was completed within 10 days



Client purchasing commercial unit for potential development opportunity – Purchase Price £600,000.   Site not particularly attractive to funders but we were able to structure the deal with clients unencumbered residential investment property on a short term basis (Loan £300,000) with no early redemption penalties. Deal agreed within 48 hours