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Analysis and consulting

Many years of experience in the industry has proved our energy analysts to be experts in their field. The immense details that are presented in your utility bills will give you a hard time to study and many important parts of it would go undetected. Our analyst team will provide a detailed consulting report on your utility bills and contracts, not only for the purpose of getting a better deal for your money, but also to detect any anomalies that may appear in bills or contracts.   Our analysts eyes are trained to pick up errors that the quick observer would miss. 

Recently, a senior analyst, while trying to unravel issues with a long standing client's bill, picked up metering errors.  After following this through a leading nation-wide energy provider reimbursed the client with only a few pounds short of £10,000. 

Many of the undetected problems are found to be imprecise and erroneous billing, technical issues on metering, discrepancies between pricing on the bill and what is stated in the contract. These problems prove costly for your business, and are surprisingly common.

The biggest killer is when the supplier continus to estimate your monthly usage.    It's fairly simple to notice over-estimation,  when your bills are way over the top, we're quick to call the supply before they take the direct debit payment.  However, under-estimation of the monthly usage, when it's allowed to go undetected month after month, doesn't get noticed and  will ultimately have to be paid.   When correct readings are given after a long period of time on estimated assumptions of the usage, a sudden massive bill can hit your business for six, and cause you massive headaches. 

Free consulting services - we work with your business to reduce your utility costs and remove the burden.