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Installing a new Gasor electricity meter can be a complicated and expensive process that often involves the co-ordination of multiple parties. Here at Commercial Utiltiy we have partnered ourselves with leading energy solutions companies, who operate across the whole of the UK. This enables us to offer a full range of metering solutions direct to our clients at highly competitive prices. Our solutions will also allow you to have direct access to the end provider and therefore cut out unnecessary costs. Our solutions will give you the freedom to choose your energy supplier, rather than being tied into the supplier who provided the works and whose energy prices may not be competitive.




Inaccurate and Incorrect billing, estimated billing, meter faults and incorrect application of your prices, can be extremely costly for any business - and they are surprisingly common, and can be the ruin of many honest businesses




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The energy market is increasingly volatile and it is critical to carry out energy tendering at the right time in order to get the best deal.

Our energy advisors can provide high quality procurement service to deliver best value contracts to your business. By being exposed to a wider range of contract products and tendering at the best time our clients get greater control over energy purchasing.

In order to ensure we source the best business energy prices available, we explore all methods of procurement tailored to your specific requirements.