How to Become a Commercial Utility Consultant/Broker

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How to Become a Broker / Field Agent / Introducer with Commercial Utility Ltd

What do Utility Consultants/Brokers do?

Commercial Utility Brokers .com Ltd are proving to be the utility arm for many businesses. It seems that every Energy Company is committed to holding on to its clients at any cost. This results in frustration for the Business Client, who doesn't really want or need to understand what 'rollover' or 'renewal' means - let alone Termination.

Every Business man or woman wants peace of mind and a good fair price for their utilities.

Commercial Utility Brokers .com Ltd offer to any sized Commercial enterprise a totally free professional service. We tender commercial energy and telephony ensuring that our clients get the best deal we can negotiate for them. We delight in looking at Gas, Electricity and Telephony Bills, uncovering the mysteries that lie within them, that enables us to give our clients an excellent service. We can assure our clients of good follow up, fair prices, excellent savings, and a watchful eye being kept on their renewal dates.

  • We get excited when we save any sized Business money!
  • We hope you'll get excited about saving them money too!!!!
  • We do our job well, and allow our clients that extra time to do theirs well also!

We believe our professional services are now invaluable for the business people of today's hectic lifestyle

>How can you improve your income stream by becoming a Field Agent / Introducer to this amazing profession?

We find the position of ‘Field Agent / Introducer’ works especially well for anyone who has regular contact with business’s for any reason.   For some they may visit a business to carry out a service, so are already in contact with the accounts office or the decision maker for the business.

Examples of this are those working as accountants to the business, boiler maintenance men, window cleaners, delivery personnel etc.    Or even if you just have friends who have businesses, or social acquaintances.   We’ve found it works well in restaurants or small hotels to ask for the Manager and explain what we can do for them.  You can mix business with pleasure.   Business  meetings / breakfasts are also an excellent place for ‘Field Agent / Introducer’s’ to work.

  • We'll allow you the scope to start your own business within ours!
  • You'll know there's a team always at hand with advice
  • You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!
  • Plan your own workload at your own pace!
  • No more being tied to the office

If you are self motivated, want to earn more, able to converse with people at all levels, have a smart appearance and are capable of interfacing with retail, commercial and industrial businesses then we are interested in hearing from you.  We want good Field Agents / Introducers who have high standards to represent our business.

{Ask for the Broker Manager}

You can also e-mail, letting us know your interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Switch on to the opportunities of increasing your earnings
  • Or bolt this on to your existing business
  • The sooner you start, the sooner you'll earn
  • Consider becoming an Introducer for Commercial Utility Brokers .com Today