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FTTC 40Mb Max - Fibre To The Cabinet

Download UP TO 40 Mb Upload upt o 10 MB

FTTC (Fibre-To-The-Cabinet) is our jewel in the crown broadband product.

FTTC uses a standard known as VDSL to deliver a download speed up to 40Mb and an upload speed up to 10MB making it the best value bandwith product in the UK (in terms of cost per Mb download speed).

At the start of 2010, FTTC was only installed in 3 areas of the UK, however around 5 to 10 new exchanges are being FTTC enabled every month.

Our Suppliers are able to offer FTTC IMMEDIATELY! Our clients who already have our product have speeds as high as 36Mb Down and 9Mb Up.

Being in a FTTC enabled exchange area does not guarantee availability. Every address must be specifically checked for availability and speed. Even being located adjacent to a FTTC enabled company does not guarantee your business will be able to get it as they may be connected to a different cabinet in the street.

Why FTTC is Fast

The use of Fibre Optic cable between the local telephone exchange and the Street Cabinet nearest to your office, enables Broadband speeds can be increased up to 40Mb (Download) and 10Mb (Upload).

FTTC enabled Street Cabinets include technology to convert the fibre connection back to copper for the final part of broadband link to your premises.