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In most cases we can find you the same services that you are enjoying now at up to 50% plus Cheaper than BT Retail, with exactly the same service:

  • BT Wholesale provide BT Retail who Bill you and give you BT Wholesale's Product
  • BT Wholesale ALSO provide OUR Suppliers who will also Bill you AND give you BT Wholesale's Product, ONLY AT A MUCH REDUCED PRICE
  • BT Engineers STILL maintain all the lines and products, BT Open Reach Engineers STILL are the SAME Engineers who come out to service the lines if you have problems or faults
  • BUT still the service is coming to you at a MUCH REDUCED COST
  • With the added advantage that all our Telecom's Suppliers answer the telephone within seconds and deal with all your issues promptly

We are a Team of Commercial Utility Consultants

When you contact Commercial Utility Brokers .com Ltd you get your own personal consultant, who will host you through the maze of bills and jargan bringing you to the liberty of worry-free telephony/broadband billing. We will become the Utility Arm of your business, keeping a diligent watch on the contract endings and market prices, bringing you the best possible deals

We will:

  • Analyse Your Telephone / Broadband Bill
  • Find you an Affordable Compatible Quality Option
  • We will let you have your Free Comparison back a.s.a.p
  • We will only direct you to Credable Telephony Company's

We only work with Telephone Company's who:

  • purchase directly from BT Wholesale which means you keep your BT line {cheap telephony moves you onto LLU lines, which means they move you away from a BT line, this disadvantages you when you decide to move provider}
  • use BT OPEN REACH Engineers for all fault rectifying and new works
  • only work with excellent UK based suppliers who have excellent time responses to your calls
  • have human beings answering the telephone as soon as you ring {no automated answer-services}